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A log reduction kill step validation is a preemptive scientific evaluation that provides documentary evidence that a particular process (heating) is capable of consistently delivering a product that meets predetermined specifications. This kill step creates a scientific validation procedure that can better food safety and protect our consumers. A successful log reduction requires a study by experienced scientists from an accredited laboratory, who helps design and follow the study from start to finish. As an example from our industry, a well known kill step study is a 5 log reduction; this 5 log reduction study would prove that the “pathogens” in question (if present) would be reduced 5 times from the time it begins the particular process to when it ends. In this particular process, time and temperature play two key factors in achieving the desired kill log without affecting the product quality and functionality. It is critical that the scientific data are kept as accurate as possible during the study as these can affect the results.

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Pathogen reduction process that mitigates the microbial risk associated with raw flours from rice and ancient grains. It reduces or eliminates harmful bacteria and pathogens such as salmonella.

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low micro & pre-gelatinized rice flours

Our low micro and pre-gelatanized rice flours were created to function as water binding agents, thickeners, and emulsifier and viscosity control agents with excellent freeze-thaw stability. Benefits of our low micro and pre-gel flours include: no chemical modification, low micro and clean label declaration, unique properties such as dough conditioning, viscosity enhancement, proofing acceleration and meat tenderization.


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