Premium Gluten-Free

We offer only premium gluten-free and allergen-free grains including rice, millet, sorghum, quinoa, non-GMO Corn, ancient grains, flaxseed, oats, buckwheat, and teff for a variety of applications and per-customer requirements. We source organic and conventional California-grown medium grain rice, domestic and imported long grain organic rice, and non-GMO long grain rice. Our custom granulations and blends can be matched to customer specifications.


From coarse to superfine granulations, we offer rice and other grain flours to match any specification for use in various applications.


Fine to coarse meals ideally suited for cereal and snack food applications.


Western Foods has the ability to mix custom blends of rice and other grain flours for both end-use and ingredient applications.


We have the flexibility to offer a variety of packaging sizes from 25lb multi-wall bags to 2,000lb super-sacks, per customer specification. Our pallet and shipping configurations can be customized to your specific needs.